My Funeral Wishes

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Everyone has their own ideas about the funeral they would like, after all it is a very personal decision.

NCP My Funeral Wishes

To assist the person responsible for your arrangements, you may find it helpful to note down your own thoughts, giving them the comfort of knowing that they are carrying out your wishes.

Such notes can include:

  1. Preferred Location of Ceremony
  2. Music / Readings / Poems
  3. Religious / Non-Religious or Civil funeral
  4. Flowers / Donations to Charity
  5. Burial or Cremation (see Arranging a Funeral)
  6. Style of Coffin (see Coffin Range)
  7. Choice of Vehicles (see Vehicles)

You may find the pre-printed form My Funeral Wishes will assist you in making these decisions by guiding you through the many questions frequently asked in the course making arrangements for a funeral.

Simply print out My Funeral Wishes and once completed, keep a copy safely with your personal documents and maybe a copy of your Will.

It is also important to give a copy to the person who will be arranging your funeral – this may be a family member, a friend, an Executor or your Solicitor.

If you would like us to hold a copy of your Funeral Wishes, please send this to:

    Bob Metcalf MBE

    Nigel Chamberlain & Partners

    The Gate House

    Victoria Road

    Bishops Waltham

    SO32 1DJ

Should you have any questions or require any advice to help you compile your wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us on (01489) 892640 or Contact Us